Sound Strategies Designed for You

When you partner with us, you can rely on an integrated process that is shared with you in easy-to-understand language. We’ll help you create a plan for your wealth, monitor your progress, and meet regularly with you to keep you on track to pursue your goals.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Bring Clarity and Organization to Your Wealth.

Your comprehensive plan includes a goals assessment, retirement income cash flow plan, risk assessment, income tax strategies, and a life insurance and long-term care analysis, You’ll benefit from Social Security maximization strategies, a trust analysis, retire-early spending strategies, account titling, beneficiary analysis, and more.

Progressive Investment Strategies

You get innovative thinking designed to help preserve and manage your wealth. With our progressive investment strategies, we implement a range of techniques to better serve your short- and long-term needs.


Advisor-Managed Portfolios

Using modern portfolio theory, we design and execute custom asset allocations and diversification plans.


Investment Analysis

You get truly independent research and analysis of each holding. Changes are made based on the merits of the investments and our independent analysis.


Tax-Loss & Tax-Gain Harvesting

We will work with your CPA to make sure we are managing capital gains and losses in the most tax-efficient way.


Discretionary Trading

We act quickly when opportunities present themselves, because we trade on behalf of our clients. This approach helps prevent the loss of opportunities.

Second Look Investment Review

A second opinion on your investment portfolio by an independent fiduciary can help ensure the most effective strategies are being employed to achieve your financial goals. Our second opinion independent investment review offers you a detailed analysis of your financial holdings and associated strategies, allocations, fees, and performance. It is designed to help determine whether the most effective methodologies are being used to help reach your goals.

Tax Efficiency Analysis

Minimize the Drain of Taxes on Your Wealth.

While taxes shouldn’t be the sole driver of your investment decisions, they should be a factor to consider. Through smart choices and a tax-wise strategy, you can reduce the impact of taxes on your wealth. Our Tax Efficiency Analysis will examine your situation and goals to determine if you could benefit from a more tax-efficient strategy.


Speaking Engagements

Danette Lowe is available for speaking engagements and offers educational seminars on a variety of financial planning topics. She can help educate employees or members of your organization on the financial markets, retirement, social security strategies, financial planning, and more. Previous seminar topics include the following:


Investing in a Volatile Market


Making the Most of Your 401(k)


3 Steps to Planning an Epic Retirement


Understanding Social Security & PERS

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