Helpful Information

Here are some helpful answers to a few of the commonly asked questions we receive. Feel free to contact our team if you have additional questions not covered here.

How do I make deposits?

By check: Checks should be made out to the name on the account or to National Financial Services. You should write your account number in the memo field. If it’s for an IRA, let us know the tax year. If it’s a prior year IRA deposit, please try to get the deposit to us by April 1. You can drop off checks at our office, or mail them to us at: 1700 County Road, Suite A, Minden, NV 89423.

*Please note: Checks cannot be made out to TruNorth Wealth Management. If they are, we will have to be returned.

By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): We can pull money from your local bank account where we have already established an EFT link. Just call and let us know how much you would like to transfer.

From my investments: If you have an investment account at another firm and would like us to manage it, we can transfer the account here electronically. Send us a copy of the statement and we will send you a Transfer of Assets form to sign. There are no tax implications or costs for making a transfer. If the other firm charges you a fee, then send us a copy of the statement and we will reimburse you.

Making periodic deposits: We can establish a regular schedule of deposits, either monthly, quarterly or annually. We can also have the amount changed easily and skip months if necessary.

Helpful Information

By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): We can establish a link between your local bank account and your investment accounts. We can then send money to you electronically. It can be done once in a while or in regular monthly installments. This is a free service.

By check writing: We can establish check writing for most investment accounts including IRAs.

By debit cards: We can establish debit cards for regular investment accounts.

By issuing checks: We can issue checks to either the name of the account or to a third party. If the check goes to a third party, we will need a signature.

By wire transfer: If time is of the essence, we can complete a Fed wire transfer. This is usually done with escrows.

Which broker/dealer do you work with?

We affiliate with Commonwealth Financial Network® and they are here to help us help you. They can be reached at 800.251.0080 x9992. Commonwealth can help with any question if we’re not available. They love the opportunity to help us help you, so if you need assistance, please feel free to connect with them. They will email any conversation to us to keep us informed.

How do I view my accounts online?

Simply visit

We will issue you a username and temporary password. Take that information online to and you will establish a personal password and answer some security questions. From there you can see all your accounts and investments.

How does your online document vault work?

With our online document vault, we can securely store your important documents, like wills, trusts, and other documents like copies of your driver’s license and passport. We can store copies of credit cards and basically anything else you might need access to while traveling.

What if Danette is out of the office?

Throughout the year I attend several continuing education conferences and I also take vacations. Periodically, I’m also asked to speak publicly to other advisors. When I’m not in the office I will turn on my “Out of Office” notification on my email, and I will change my voicemail message indicating my return date. If you need immediate assistance before I return, please call the Commonwealth Service Center at 800.251.0080 x9992.