Celebrating 10 years at TruNorth Wealth!

We're incredibly excited to be celebrating 10 years of business here at TruNorth Wealth Management! I’d like to say Thank You to everyone we’ve engaged with over these past 10 years. Becoming a Certified Financial Planning Professional has been my dream since I was 12 years old and I’m so proud to have founded TruNorth Wealth Management and been a part of all of your lives.

I first became a Financial Advisor in 1999 and worked for a large corporation, this is where many of us started working together. I remember vividly the events of 2001, when the World Trade Center was attacked and collapsed. Having worked inside World Two for 3 weeks in 1999 it gave the event a surreal experience for me. What I remember most, is how many of you called me to see if I was OK.

We’ve been through some interesting times over the years, from being Branch Manager in the Lake Tahoe office and later moving to the Reno office. All with the hope that the services I could offer to my clients would be better.

After 13 years working for two major corporations, I began to explore becoming an independent financial advisor and Commonwealth was the first Broker / Dealer I interviewed. I fell in love immediately. They treated me so well and I’m so happy I made the decision to join them. They feel like a true partner in every way.

If I have an issue, I can call anyone at any level and get help. If I have a suggestion, great, they’re all ears, they want to make my experience with them better. Their values are to be “indispensable” to us, and I hope that I’ve picked up on that and have become “indispensable” to you as well.

Reflecting on the past 10 years

I launched TruNorth Wealth Management on 2-10-2012 and I never looked back.  Those early days and months were so hard, we worked 7 days a week for the first nine months. My parents helped Derek & I refurbish the Minden office and it turned out so nice, people would love to come by just to be in the space.

We had a good run too, spending the first 9 years in that location. It was the longest period of time in my now 23 years that I sat at the same desk in the same location. But times have changed as we all know and for the last two years, we’ve been meeting via telephone calls and Zoom. Living through a global pandemic together, it’s another one of my blessings, having all of you in my life, to talk to, to strategize with, to get through this unprecedented time together. Just like when you called me to see if I was OK after the World Trade Center bombing, you call me now and see if I’m OK. You ask how my family is, how my mom’s doing, how are Derek and the kids? I’m so incredibly grateful to have such a loving and supportive network and community.

This past year has brought a ton of change to TruNorth as we get ready to look forward to the next 10 years and beyond. Last year we leased new office space with the hopes that we would be able to start meeting in person again. That may be pushed out a bit, we’re still optimistic. We signed up with Ruby Receptionists and did away with voicemail, so now when you call our offices, you will always get a live person. We invested in a couple of new Financial Planning tools, like Right Capital and FP Planning, with the intent of bringing you a higher level of financial planning and insight.

We’ve also invested in our staff, hiring Diane Mills and Tiahney Wildman, to help support me do an even better job for you! These two ladies are the bright shining stars of this business. They are so good to me and so professional!  It took a long time to get here, but it was worth the wait! To know that I have two of the most exceptional support people to help me help you! I’m entirely grateful!

New Branding    




As we approached the 10-year mark, the other big change was to redesign our logo and brand colors. We felt like we needed to update the original concept. We added a bit of teal to honor my dad who we lost in 2019. We chose the compass-like symbol to show how we help guide you. We chose the interlocking circles to represent the interconnectedness of your Financial Plan with your Goals & Dreams!

We’re also busy redesigning our website, look for the re-launch coming soon. My goal is to make the new website a place where you can go to get real information and connect with us.

Special Thanks

I want to say a special Thank You to my mom, Nancy Wiseman.  She was my first “employee”, and she has supported me every day of my life, she has always believed in me and believed that I could accomplish anything! I’m so grateful to have such loving and supportive parents. 

I also want to say a special Thank You to my study group friends, Jed Liebert, Shelby Trinkino, Christy Raines, Janet Wilson, Jessica Blood, Jill Hansen & Laura Peeke! I absolutely love and appreciate all of you and I'm so blessed to have you in my life.  You all have given me so much love and support and made me a better financial advisor and person!  The sense of community and camaraderie that we all share, is second to none! I’m so grateful that I can reach out at any time to get help on any issue that I might be facing!

Danette Lowe


What's in store for the next 10 years?

Firstly, we’ll be launching an educational Podcast/YouTube show called “Ready to Retire!” Over the years, I’ve been asked a lot of similar questions and been thinking about teaching Financial Planning for a long time.  Developing this material in the format of a Podcast is just perfect!  It’s my hope that I’ll create a body of knowledge that anyone can have access to at any time.

What else? Continue to be a resource for all of you!  For anyone reading this email, I’m here for you!  If you or someone you know needs help understanding a financial concept or condition, please let me know!  We happily love to share what we’ve learned over these many years.

New staff! Coming soon, we will be hiring a Paraplanner, that person will help me prepare our financial plans.  We’re looking for a CFP® or CFP® candidate, so if you know someone, please refer them to us. In this virtual world, we can hire anywhere in the country.