Our Team

Our Team

Danette Lowe, CFP®

President - Wealth Management, Retirement Planning Specialist

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and president of TruNorth Wealth Management, LLC. I have wanted to be a CFP® professional since the 8th grade. During a career planning exercise, I read an article about a woman who was a CFP® professional, and she spoke about how much she enjoyed helping her clients plan for the future. She said she was good at math and liked helping people. That really resonated with me, and I began my journey to become a CFP® professional.

I attended California State University, East Bay, and earned a BS in business administration with an option in finance. After college, I went on to work as a senior financial analyst at EurekaBank, FSB. There, my team and I managed the bank's investment portfolio, which consisted of $1.2 billion. This experience was crucial and provided me with a breadth of understanding of the capital markets. It directly helps me in doing what I do for my clients. 

Moving to Nevada in 1998, I became a financial advisor for a wirehouse firm in 1999. I was then able to continue my education and realize one of my lifelong dreams of becoming a CFP® professional in 2007. In 2012, I had the opportunity of going independent and launched TruNorth Wealth Management, LLC. I love being a small business owner and being able to create a customized experience for each family that walks in the door.

Danette & Derek

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Derek. We have two sons, Jake and Brian, and a beautiful granddaughter, Isabel. We also own a rescue dog named Lexy, also known as “jaws of fury” for her penchant for chewing up pillows. 

waterfall pic

I enjoy many hobbies, including photography, and my pictures can be found in my home and office. The great outdoors calls to me, and, with the proximity to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I enjoy backpacking, kayaking, hiking, and fishing.

Crafts of all kinds are my passion, especially knitting, quilting, and sewing. My friends and I have donated more than 200 knitted caps to Chemo Caps for Kids. I am committed to a healthy lifestyle that includes regular meditation and weight lifting. I have also become an avid Fitbit user and have fun trying to attain 15,000 steps per day. I strive to create balance within each aspect of my life, and my favorite saying is, “Let 100 Flowers Blossom.”

Diane Mills

Administrative Support Specialist

Diane joined TruNorth Wealth Management in 2021 with almost 20 years of experience working for financial advisors, like Danette, who are affiliated with Commonwealth.  Diane can handle a wide variety of client needs, like scheduling a meeting with Danette, issuing a check or providing copies of tax documents.  With Diane’s extensive experience, she is also a wonderful problem solver and can find solutions to a wide variety of situations.  As a working mother of twins, Diane is extremely suited to helping clients of TruNorth Wealth Management.

Tiahney Wildman

Client Support Specialist

I joined TruNorth earlier in 2022 with a considerable amount of skills working as an Executive  Assistant and in Human Resources. Being raised on a ranch and involved in many extra curricular activities such as livestock farming and team sports, I gained an importance for discipline, integrity and above all, responsibility. These, along with many other characteristics, influenced the woman I am today. Being one who’s always enjoyed people, I grew a fondness for human interaction which led to leadership roles within a corporate financial institution for 5 years. I applied my experience and skills to Silicon Valley’s Tech market and began a new career with a private start up. From Office Assistant to Executive Assistant, followed by an Associate role within Talent Acquisition, leading to a voice within Human Resources: People and Culture. I am committed to being a helping hand to not only our team but, the clients we serve.